Market Council

The Market Council is a group of 35 to 40 industry leaders who meet for two half-day sessions a year. Meetings consist of ULI members and guest speakers sharing best practices and lessons learned in case studies, round table discussions, and possible off-site private tours. All market council members must be transaction-based real estate professionals active in the local market. The focus will be on the most important transactions around the region: drivers, challenges, and ultimately solutions. This Council will include a balance of cross-discipline professionals. All information must be kept confidential.

Market Council Co-chairs

Jeff Hall, Ursa Investors LLC
Paul Maenner, The Waters Senior Living


  • Provide an avenue for all members to experience the special value of a ULI Product Council, particularly those that are unable to regularly attend the National Conferences or participate at the Full Membership level.
  • Provide a forum for information and candid exchange on state-of-the-art, innovative real estate practices that consist of the most effective and successful people in the real estate development field.
  • Provide a real estate industry focus on the major issues of our region.
  • Capitalize on and strengthen ULI MN’s membership network; build relationships; strengthen regional impact and guide ULI priorities.


The Market Council aims to mix members among principal investors and developers, transactional brokers, attorneys, and other related service providers and advisors centered on transactions. In addition, two spots will be reserved for Young Leader Members (under the age of 35).

  • Invitation-only council made up of industry leaders; principal investors, developers, transactional brokers, attorneys and other service providers.
  • ULI MN membership is required. If you are not a member and are interested in participating on this council, click here to join.
  • Housing Council affiliation dues are $200 per year.
  • Membership is a two year commitment to attend three out of four council sessions. Participants are allowed only one excused absence during a two year term.
  • Participation is intended to be active and candid, sharing specific detailed information and experience from both members and presenters. There is a high expectation for participation and contribution by all members
  • All information must be kept confidential.