Real Estate Diversity Initiative (REDi)

Real Estate Diversity Initiative (REDi)

Real Estate Diversity InitiativeThe ULI MN Real Estate Diversity Initiative (REDi) Program helps participants learn more about what it takes to put together a successful development. Participants will receive a comprehensive curriculum and will gain experience working together on a real-world case study.  This is the 1st year of the ULI Minnesota REDi program, modeled after the highly successful REDi program at ULI Colorado. Participants can further their careers by learning directly from real estate mentors about the challenges and opportunities in the local industry and apply lessons to a project as their group devises plans for development on a specific site. Each team will produce a development plan, pro-forma, and marketing plan.  Chosen participants will engage in both large group and small group mentoring sessions. The ideal participant will be working in the field, have an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. A panel consisting of representatives from ULI MN will select up to 24 individuals for the 2017 class, starting in January and ending in June. People of color and women are eligible to apply for the program and 100% attendance is required.

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Program Goals

  • nurture a new generation of leaders of people of color and women in the real estate/land use industries by providing education, experience and a new professional network
  • empower people of color and women real estate professionals and businesses to step into the role of real estate developers or to be able to have a constructive impact on real estate development
  • to help participants better understand the whole real estate process by working with professionals whose expertise lies in adjacent spaces – planners learn how the pro-forma works and municipal and finance professionals will learn about markets.
  • to make ULI MN stronger by increasing membership diversity


Participant Benefits

  • Free one-year membership to ULI Minnesota, with access to close to more than 500 members working in many different areas of the real estate industry
  • Certificate of completion
  • Real estate industry Continuing Education Units (if applicable)
  • Professional Real Estate Development: The ULI Guide to the Business textbook, By Richard Peiser and David Hamilton ($99.95 value)
  • Making it in Real Estate: Starting out as a Developer, By John McNellis ($19.95 value)
  • one-on-one mentoring and education worth more than $15,000
  • a new network of allied professionals


Quotes from REDi Colorado Graduates

 “REDI helped to open up the Denver development world for me. I gained the skills I need and have been following up on all the introductions made.” –Jennifer Johnson (2014)

“The REDI program is indispensable for “hands-on” experience with a main street development project, giving us the advantage of not only working with mentors and real estate development professionals, but also working with interdisciplinary teams.” –Robert Fejeran (2013)

 “The REDI program served as a launch pad for my transition into Real Estate Development. The team I was part of was dynamic and included pertinent players in every field required to put a project together.” – Ivan Anaya (2013)


View application and apply here.