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Sustainable Development Outlook

How far has the sustainable development movement come? Sustainability experts discuss their insights in the Sustainable Development Outlook article in Urban Land magazine by Ron Nyren. John Shardlow, Senior Associate at Stantec is an ULI MN Management Committee member, Co-Chair of ULI MN’s Environment Committee, and Chair of ULI’s Sustainable Development Council contributes to the article. Read the article.

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Thrive MSP 2040

Read about the Regional Council of Mayors October 8th Thrive MSP 2040 discussion. If you want to give your suggestions, contact:  

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ULI Fall Meeting in Denver

ULI’s Chief Executive Officer Patrick Phillips described the ULI Fall Meeting as being measured by “success in many ways: quality of the programming, quality of the people attending, satisfaction of attendees, and input and value to ULI’s program of work.” The ULI Fall Meeting in Denver truly had all of these success factors! Thank you to all of the ULI Minnesota attendees who came to the ULI Fall Meeting! Check out the picture above from the ULI MN Reception in Denver. Learn more about the ULI Fall Meeting.  

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