Environmental Initiative 2012 Sustainable Communities Award: Demonstrated commitment to efficient and sustainable community development.

Environmental Initiative 2012 Partnership of the Year - GreenStep Cities

Healthy and Resilient Communities Initiative

Shaping actions and projects and places in ways that support healthy and resilient communities with a particular focus on climate, land use and energy.

Healthy and Resilient Communities Initiative

Healthy and Resilient Communities Initiative Work Plan

HRC Mission and Work Plan

Building Healthy Places: Prospect North Innovation District

Through a ULI Urban Innovation Grant, ULI MN documented its work promoting the creation of a healthy community in the Prospect North Innovation District. ULI MN seeks to share what it has learned across ULI in order to replicate this approach on a national scale.

This guide/toolkit is intended for use as a resource and offers one way to think about and execute on building a healthy community. The intent is to explain ULI MN’s approach, its outcomes, and its accumulated knowledge so they can serve as a framework on which others can build. See full guide here.

GreenStep Demonstration Project

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) selected ULI MN/RCM to implement the GreenStep Cities Demonstration Project—an action-oriented voluntary program offering a cost-effective pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by best practices in land use, transportation, building/facility design, environmental management, and community and economic development.

In October 2009, MPCA and ULI MN selected Bloomington, Edina, Falcon Heights, St. Louis Park and Victoria as the project’s first participating communities.

Read more about the GreenStep Demonstration project here.

Visit Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s GreenStep Cities Project for further information.

Regional Indicators Initiative


The Regional Indicators Initiative measures annual performance metrics for approximately 20 Minnesota cities committed to increasing their overall efficiency and level of sustainability. The project collects the following data generated through the activities of the people who live, work, learn, travel, visit, and recreate within each city’s geographical boundaries:

    • Energy (in BTUs): electricity, natural gas, and district energy consumed
    • Water (in gallons): potable water consumed
    • Travel (in Vehicle Miles Traveled): on-road distance traveled
    • Waste (in pounds): municipal solid waste managed via recycling, composting, combustion, and landfilling

Is your city interested in participating? Contact Rick Carter (612.385.5182) to learn more about the Initiative and join.

Resources and Information

GreenStep Cities Program Update
GreenStep Demonstration Project Workplan
Integrating Urban Trees and Stormwater Management, Randy Neprash (06.11)

2014 ULI Fall Meeting Presentations

Sustainable Development Council Presentations:

Sustainable Development Council Presentation
Passive House – PassivXperimental
Designing a Driverless World – Arup (1)
Designing a Driverless World – Arup (2)

Press Releases

GreenStep Press Release (10.09)

HRC Committee Members

HRC Committee Roster

Environmental Initiative Contacts

Caren Dewar
Executive Director
ULI Minnesota

Aubrey Austin
Director of Member Engagement
ULI Minnesota

Rick Carter
Regional Indicators Initiative
Owner and Senior Vice-President at LHB, Inc.