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Thrive MSP 2040

Read about the Regional Council of Mayors October 8th Thrive MSP 2040 discussion. If you want to give your suggestions, contact:  

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ULI Fall Meeting in Denver

ULI’s Chief Executive Officer Patrick Phillips described the ULI Fall Meeting as being measured by “success in many ways: quality of the programming, quality of the people attending, satisfaction of attendees, and input and value to ULI’s program of work.” The ULI Fall Meeting in Denver truly had all of these success factors! Thank you to all of the ULI Minnesota attendees who came to the ULI Fall Meeting! Check out the picture above from the ULI MN Reception in Denver. Learn more about the ULI Fall Meeting.  

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Star Tribune features ULI MN’s Executive Director, Caren Dewar.

ULI MN Executive Director Caren Dewar is profiled in the Star Tribune’s Inside View.  Read the article.

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ULI MN Transformative Development Strategy Toolkit

Leaders in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region recognize that the world has changed; the old development models no longer meet diversifying market preferences or embrace emerging opportunities. In order to help their region compete, ULI Minnesota in partnership with the Regional Council of Mayors (RCM) created a targeted list of strategies to encourage transformative development. They examined the rules and incentives that guide the real estate market and produced an action strategy targeting the region’s development culture, regulations, and incentives. Reinvesting in the Region proposes “a bold new toolbox to catalyze … Read More

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Reinventing TOD: Addressing the Challenges and Capitalizing on Opportunities

From the onset of the June 2012 Policy Forum Series hosted by the Environmental Initiative, Mariia Zimmerman, former Deputy Director for Sustainable Communities at HUD and founder of MZ Strategies, made it clear that the notion of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) needs a facelift. In essence, TOD is an intentional form of development that accounts for and aims to enhance the quality of life for all. In practice, it proactively links multi-story housing, jobs, nature and grocery stores with a safe, efficient and reliable multimodal transportation network. However, since TOD … Read More

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Reinvesting in the Region – (Re)Development Ready Guide

ULI MN recently released a new local government tool called Reinvesting in the Region – (Re)Development-Ready Guide.  The guide provides suggested land use and development policies and strategies to position cities to effectively attract investment, grow jobs, and build the tax base for the well being of the region. Based on best practices, the (Re)Development-Ready Guide outlines a proactive approach to development by providing clarity, transparency, collaboration and efficiency to support thriving, sustainable communities essential to remaining competitive in a new economy, with a particular emphasis on partnering with the … Read More

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MSP Housing + Transportation Cost Calculator

A new online customizable tool designed specifically for the 13-county region to easily estimate the combined housing and transportation costs and compare your details with the average cost in your neighborhood and the region. It is specifically designed to explore various housing and transportation choices and the overall financial impact of living closer to or farther from work. View the H + T Calculator

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