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Not-So-Big Real Estate: Growing Cities 3,000 Square Feet at a Time

March 8, 2018
3:45 pm - 6:00 pm
The Holden Room at Hennepin Made
147 Holden St. N
Minneapolis, MN 55405 United States
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ULI Minnesota


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The 2018 Young Leaders Group Annual Program

There was a time when most real estate development was done on a fairly small scale and places evolved and grew incrementally over time. This resulted in the unique variety and character of buildings that give neighborhoods the charm that people love. Today it’s harder than ever to build projects of modest scale, even as infill in the places where they already exist.

Why don’t we see more small and medium-sized developments? 
What can be done to make more of them possible?

Kevin Cavenaugh
Guerrilla Development

Kevin Cavenaugh of Portland’s Guerrilla Development will show us how he’s made not-so-big real estate work by:

  • Using innovative design and forward thinking.
  • Finding alternative funding sources and methods
  • Creating a no-subsidy model for affordable housing.
  • Developing buildings with a mix of uses.
  • Cultivating an “open-source” ethos toward development.
  • Embracing the complexity and personality of unique sites and existing neighborhoods.

PLUS: A discussion with Kevin moderated by David Frank, Interim Director of CPED, City of Minneapolis

Join us to see exactly how his work pencils out, down to the last penny in his publicly-shared pro formas (see below Event Details).

Event Details

Registration deadline is March 6, 2018

Date & Time:
Thursday, March 8th
Registration: 3:45–4:00 PM
Program: 4:00–5:30
Reception: 5:30–6:30

The Holden Room at Hennepin Made
147 Holden St. N
Minneapolis, MN 55405

$40 ULI Members
$55 Nonmembers
$10 Student Members
$15 Student Nonmembers
+$10 for onsite registration

1 hour CRE and AICP credits applied for

Guerrilla Development in Action

  1. The Fair-Haired Dumbbell (Pro Forma)
  2. Dr. Jim’s Still Really Nice (Pro Forma)
  3. The 2/3rds Project (Pro Forma)


Register below or Call 1-800-321-5011. Use event code 8117-1889

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