ULI Minnesota: 12th Annual Virtual Housing Summit – Building Small, Reducing Costs, and Expanding Affordability


2021-07-15T10:00:00 - 2021-07-15T12:00:00

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    Learn what it takes to build effective, affordable small-scale developments at our 12th Annual Housing Summit. Join Jim Heid, author of Building Small, and local industry leaders to explore what cities, investors, and developers can do to offer this vital housing type in a changing market, considering rising costs, product and policy tradeoffs, and wealth-building for marginalized communities.


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    Your registration fee includes at 30% discount on Building Small, pre-release of the Missing Housing for Middle Incomes report, and eligibility for 2 hours of MN Real Estate CE, AICP, or AIA credits.*
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    ULI Minnesota 12th Annual Housing Summit, Virtual
    Building Small, Reducing Costs, and Expanding Affordability
    Small-scale, incremental real estate development offers increasing options to communities working to move beyond traditional single use zoning to more flexible integrated land uses. These types of developments allow for a gentler
    way to add density and can also expand affordability options.  But building small carries its own challenges and is not always as easy or profitable as larger developments.
    Learn about the years of national and local research, case studies, and industry insights on building small at the 12th Annual Housing Summit. We’ll look at the overall impact of development requirements, market factors that impact costs, and what it takes to increase affordability. National and local experts will explore:
    • What strategies, innovations, and policies allow small-scale developments to be built in a more authentic, distinct form and meet the growing need for missing housing for middle incomes?
    • What are the tradeoffs that both developers and community leaders should consider when reducing the obstacles to smaller, cost efficient and affordable developments?
    • How will emerging market forces, including rising costs of labor and materials, continue to impact housing availability and affordability?
    • How can these development types offer opportunities for increased equity and wealth-building?
    Join keynote speaker Jim Heid, author of Building Small: A Toolkit for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Civic Leaders, and Great Communities, as he shares insights from work around the country.  The keynote will be followed by an
    overview and the release of ULI Minnesota’s Missing Housing for Middle Incomes: Strategies to Reduce Cost and Add Affordability report outlining what is getting in the way of small-scale developments in Minnesota. The report provides case studies recommendations to break down those barriers and increase production of housing affordable to those with middle incomes, including a crucial share of our workforce.

    Jim Heid, FASLA
    UrbanGreen® Advisors
    CRAFT Development
    Healdsburg, CA
    Jim Heid is a strategic real estate advisor and developer focused on the tools and techniques that lead to a more sustainable built environment. His consultancy - UrbanGreen® - advises government agencies, real estate companies and legacy landowners across the globe. In 2017, Jim founded CRAFT, a real estate development company focused on incremental development and intentional place-building.
    Jim writes and speaks regularly on sustainable design, resilience, and the value of small scale, incremental development.  His forthcoming book – Building Small: A Handbook for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Civic Leaders and Great Communities – will provide a detailed look at what, why and how grained development provides a more economically resilient and socially impactful approach to building and regenerating communities.

    Trained as a landscape architect at the University of Idaho, Jim went on to receive a Masters in Real Estate Development from MIT as way to more effectively integrate economics, development and design thinking.
    Local Perspectives:  What does it take to build missing housing for middle incomes?
    Hear from a multi-disciplinary team of ULI Minnesota public and private sector members who met over several months to break down the barriers that are getting in the way of building unsubsidized housing for middle income households.  The panel will outline their key findings and recommended changes across the construction, design, financing and land use sectors.  In addition, they will provide input on how their work will be impacted by the recent economic disruption and uncertainty.
    Betsy Gabler, Business Development Director, Alchemy Architects
    Sean Sweeney, Co-Founder, Hall Sweeney Properties
    Nate Stencil, CEO, Stencil Group
    10:00 AM - Welcome and Introductions
    10:10 AM - Keynote Presentation
    10:30 AM - Keynote Q&A
    10:45 AM - Local Perspectives and Case Studies
    11:30 AM - Local Q&A
    12:00 PM - Adjourn
    $50 ULI Members
    $75 Nonmembers
    20% discount for public sector / non-profit attendees 
    As part of your registration fee, you will receive:

    • 30% discount on the purchase of the book, Building Small
      Attendees are encouraged to purchase and review the book as well as ULI MN’s report before the event to allow for a more engaged discussion and Q&A. Order before the event and receive a 30% discount.

    • An exclusive pre-release PDF copy of ULI Minnesota’s newest housing report: Missing Housing for Middle Incomes - Strategies to Reduce Cost and Add Affordability.

    • Recording and copy of the event slides

    • Opportunity to earn 2 hours of AIA, AICP, or Minnesota Real Estate CE credits.
      *Credits have been applied for.



    Jim Heid

    Founder, Urban Green, LLC

    Jim Heid, FASLA, is an infill real estate developer and strategic real estate adviser focused on the tools and techniques that lead to a more sustainable built environment. For more than 30 years he has advised cities, NGOs, legacy landowners, and private developers on more positive ways to build community. In 2017, he founded CRAFT Development, a real estate company focused on incremental development and intentional place-building. Since its founding, CRAFT has adaptively refashioned a 1960's empty bank space into a bespoke 'club-working' space (www.craftworkhbg.com) that opened 60 days before the onset of the pandemic, and is completing an innovative twelve unit fee simple cottage court on 1.2 acres (www.riverhousehealdsburg.com), both located in his home town of Healdsburg, CA - a small lifestyle town north of San Francisco. Over nine years ago he founded ULI's Small Scale Developers Forum to bring together real estate entrepreneurs developing fine grained, community driven projects that disrupt real estate norms while creating community value and increase the vitality of communities across the urban to rural transect. After leading tours and forums in over 15 cities for ULI, he authored ULI's newest publication - Building Small: A Toolkit for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Civic Leaders and Great Communities. An active member of ULI since 1991, Jim has participated in, or chaired, over 14 Advisory Services Panels focused on resilience, sustainable development and mixed use or new community design. For over two decades he has led ULI's professional development courses in Sustainable Community Design, Mixed Use Development and Advanced Residential Development. He is a founding member of the Responsible Property Investing Product Council and is now a member of CRC-Platinum.

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