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PlanIt Publishes New Resources for Local Planning Handbook

PlanIt is the Metropolitan Council’s effort to provide educational opportunities for the 2040 comprehensive plan update process, and newly published resources in the Local Planning Handbook are now available! Remember to regularly check the Resource Library for new information. Below is the list of new and updated Fact Sheets. These can be found under the Housing topic.

There is also a NEW Section in the Local Planning Handbook’s Resource Library, for Community Engagement and Equity resources. Check out the OTHER tab under the Resource Library for easy resources to help you plan Community Engagement and consider Equity in your public process. Community Engagement resources include toolkits, checklists, and worksheets for facilitators, strategies for event turnout, active listening strategies, participant input, establishing ground rules, changing room dynamics, and more! Equity resources include toolkits for racial equity, talking about race, reviewing the impact of equity, strategies or guides from organizations like CSI, GARE, NextCity, and examples from communities like Portland and King County. Feel free to suggest or request additional resources.

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