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RCM Executive Committee Member Mayor Mike Maguire Discusses the Economic Imperative of Housing Affordability

As part of the release of GREATER MSP’s 2018 Regional Indicators Dashboard, Regional Council of Mayors Executive Committee member and Mayor of Eagan, Mike Maguire, appeared in a video to make the case for the critical importance of addressing housing affordability for the economic competitiveness of the MSP region.

Mayor Maguire has also been representing the RCM as an ex-officio member of the Governor’s Task Force on Housing with support from ULI Minnesota’s Cathy Bennett. The task force is charged with evaluating existing housing strategies and developing innovative new solutions to secure Minnesota’s housing future. With two meetings remaining, the task force anticipates delivering its findings and recommendations soon. Learn more and share your thoughts on the ideas that have been generated so far at the link below.

Governor’s Task Force on Housing

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