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Watch highlights from Dr. Tiffany Manuel’s Keynote Presentation at the ULI MN/RCM 10th Annual Housing Summit: Adapting to Change

ULI MN’s 10th Annual Housing Summit featured Dr. Tiffany Manuel who outlined the key findings of her recent report: “You Don’t Have to Live Here: Why Housing Messages are Backfiring and 10 Things We Can Do About It”. She noted that now is the time for adaptive leadership and for taking on the challenge of building public will in support of housing affordability. She shared successful strategies to engage people in conversations about the need for adequate housing for all, ways to clearly communicate how important the availability of housing is on our local economy, and provided a way for leaders and communities to understand the value of supporting housing for all incomes in our cities. Dr. Manuel indicated that leaders need to communicate how we all win when adequate housing is built in our cities. “We need the people who need affordable housing,” she emphasizes, “Not they need affordable housing, we need them.”

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