Regional Council of Mayors

This collaborative partnership provides a nonpartisan platform focused on building action strategies to raise the region’s overall economic competitiveness, innovation and quality of life.

Regional Council of Mayors

rcm1a-2-transparentThe nationally recognized Regional Council of Mayors (RCM) was formed in 2004 as a voluntary opportunity for regional mayors to convene and focus on issues of regional significance. The RCM provides a nonpartisan platform for networking, learning, collaboration, and action that supports the region’s overall economic competitiveness, prosperity and quality of life. The RCM forms initiative advisory committees to catalyze action strategies focused on relevant and timely issues, e.g., housing, environment, transportation, jobs, healthy communities. The RCM is supported by the Urban Land Institute Minnesota.

The Regional Council of Mayors: History of Impact

2018 RCM Overview

2018 RCM Priorities

MSP Region: Climate Impacts and Action Steps


RCM meetings are held the second Monday of each month, hosted by Dorsey & Whitney, located at 50 South 6th Street, Suite 1500, Minneapolis, MN 55402. Mayors are encouraged to participate on a consistent basis.


The RCM operates without a formal legal structure. It is guided by two co-chairs who serve two year, staggered terms. A RCM Executive Committee, (current and former chairs and the ULI MN Executive Director), set agendas and recommend leadership positions. Initiative advisory committees are co-chaired by a mayor and a private sector leader. Initiative committee terms are open ended.

Financial Support

There are no dues. The RCM is supported by contributions from Target, BlueCross and BlueShield MN and the Family Housing Fund; parking, lunch and staff support are provided. RCM mayors are encouraged to join ULI as individual members or under the public agency program.


The RCM, as an informal organization, will not take actions that obligate or act on behalf of participating mayors or their city. From time to time, Mayors and/or their cities will lend their support on matters of regional significance, which have been vetted by the RCM, through resolutions, testimony or letters.

Minnesota Mayors Together

In 2017, the RCM launched Minnesota Mayors Together seeking to break down the urban/rural divide by bringing MN mayors together in conversation to build civic trust. The goal is to shift a negative culture, not to build a structure. On October 11-12, thirteen mayors, including five members of the Regional Council of Mayors, gathered in Bemidji, MN for the first of a series of conversations across the state.

See the map of the first Minnesota Mayors Together cohort.

MN Mayors Together Overview

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RCM Contacts

Caren Dewar
Executive Director

Aubrey Albrecht
Director of Member Engagement