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    The Urban Land Institute has a long history of providing unbiased, market-based solutions and best practice advice on land use and building resilient and competitive communities. At ULI Minnesota, we offer two advisory service options to policy leaders: 1. Navigating Your Competitive Future 2. Technical … Read More

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    Ten years of impact! ULI MN has become a trusted convener, where private and public sector leaders come together to share knowledge and exchange ideas to create opportunity for action. It is a privilege to do this work. – Caren Dewar, Executive Director, ULI Minnesota … Read More

  • 2015 ULI Fall Meeting

    Connect with the world of real estate in the tech capital of the world. Plug into the emerging technologies that will shape the industry for decades to come. Network with over 6,000 like-minded professionals, industry leaders and visionaries. Read More

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    Developing, educating, and growing young real estate professionals. Read More

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ULI Minnesota News

Highlights from ULI’s Fall Meeting


Small-Business Job Growth, the Continued Rise of 18-Hour Cities, and Evolving Offices Rank among Emerging Real Estate Trends for 2016 Robust job growth among firms employing fewer than 50 people, office tenants who are requiring more collaborative workspaces and fewer private ones, and the ascension … Read More

Condo law backfires on housing options


Revision is needed so that lawsuit fears don’t deter construction. By Editorial Board Star Tribune September 29, 2015 — 5:23pm iStockphoto.com Thousands of Minnesota empty-nesters would love to downsize into condos or townhouses, but can’t. Thousands of young apartment-­dwellers would love to build equity in … Read More

Joe Minicozzi Urban Vision Symposium Presentation…


It’s all about looking at the data, said Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 http://www.urban-three.com in Asheville, NC. And the data tell us that cities that build up—rather than out—and that plan for long-term land use are going to thrive. See the video below for the full … Read More

Trustee Colleen Carey Aspires to Build a…


Chalk it up to her midwestern roots, but real estate developer and ULI trustee Colleen Carey does not mince words. At ULI’s Housing Opportunity 2015 conference in July, she said out loud what other developers may have only thought to themselves about the difficulty of … Read More