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New Interactive Tool: (Re) Development Ready Guide

A local government guide, outlining (re)development policies and practices, to attract private investment, grow jobs, support a full range of housing choices, and build tax base for the well-being of our region.

Based on national trends, these best practices support a proactive approach that provides clarity, transparency, collaboration, and efficiency to support healthy and resilient communities essential to remaining competitive in a new economy.

See interactive tool here.

For each category, click on the arrows to reveal additional information on how to apply the principles in your community. Within each drop down there are additional links to resources and case studies.

If you wish to print the guide for distribution click here.

ULI MN would like to thank many of the public and private sector members for contributing to the guide as well as acknowledge the many resources where content was reviewed and referenced.

We will continue to add and update content with new information and resources. If you have questions or would like to suggest additional content/resources contact Cathy Bennett atcathy.bennett@ULI.org

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